HOMETextile for SportsFIELDSENSOR™

Perspiration-absorbing, Quick-drying Knitted Fabric


FIELDSENSOR™’s different density multilayer structure features an advanced moisture management system that quick absorbs perspiration continuously, transporting it to the fabric’s outer surface for rapid evaporation.


Sophisticated fiber technology ensures perspiration-free comfort!

Within the special multilayer construction, densities increase from the inner side toward the outer through the combination of different yarn counts and structures. This creates a capillary transport that absorbs, moves, disperses and evaporates perspiration rapidly from the skin, delivering a refreshing feel.

Optimally balanced drying performance

Special multilayer structure for a perfectly balanced drying performance.

Eliminating cold feel even when perspiring

Unidirectional water transport and quick drying through moisture diffusion works with the special inner surface structure for a very high total performance level, retaining thermal comfort under wet conditions (low wet Qmax) and preventing the wearer from feeling cold.



Toray's proprietary single jersey knitting technology achieves outstanding moisture management ehile maintaining lighrness in weight.

Keep your skin always dry

High toughness

Soft and smooth touch fabric

Water absorption comparison

Ultra-fast drying of the skin surface due to back special tucking structure compared to FIELDSENSOR™.

Water absorption, table diffusion performance of the distinguished level.


Garment Type

Textile for Sports