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Sponsorship Announcement – Dermizax x Women's Mogul

As a fabric technology that achieves the highest level of waterproofness and breathability, Dermizax is ideal for sporting activities that take place in extreme environmental conditions.Over the years, we’ve teamed up with a range of brand partners to create dependable clothing that’s built for purpose. As a result, we’re delighted to extend our relationship with Cortazu to become official sponsors of the Dutch Women’s Mogul Team.Mogul skiing is a high-energy sport that takes place on a steep, heavily moguled course and relies on technical turns, aerial manoeuvres and fast speeds. It requires athletes to be agile, precise, and resilient – all attributes of Dermizax, which provides maximum comfort, protection, and performance for those who need to perform at their best in all weather conditions.We hope our partnership will help the team to reach new heights on and off the slopes and look forward to seeing our products showcased at competitions all around the world.If you’d like to find out more, you can visit our dedicated website at www.dermizax.toray.