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Waterproof Breathable Fabric


Dermizax™ is a fabric with a highly sophisticated and technical membrane that achieves the highest level of waterproofness, breathability and resistance to condensations.

Dermizax™ PFAS Free Variations

Toray provides PFAS-free membrane variations based on the BUILT FOR PURPOSE concept in response to recent PFAS regulations.
Please watch the video to learn about each feature.

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We develop the optimum specifications for each application together with professional customers according to the differences in specifications required by the customer's wearing scene. We propose materials in three categories according to the required functionality.

"BALANCED" with excellent moisture permeability and water resistance
"PROTECT" with improved water resistance
"BREATHE" specializing in moisture permeability

With these three categories, it is possible to handle all areas required for waterproof and breathable materials.

"Highly waterproof" "PROTECT" that is more resistant to water

The "PROTECT" category is a collection that achieves a high level of waterproofness by specializing in water pressure resistance. Suitable for activities in hard environments such as sailing and fishing.



Waterproof x breathable "best balance" standard "BALANCED"

The "BALANCED" category is a collection that balances waterproofness and breathability. Skiing is suitable for a wide variety of items, from outdoor activities such as hiking to fashion.



"Highly breathable" "BREATHE" that is even more resistant to unevenness

The "BREATHE" category is a collection that reduces the feeling of stuffiness and enhances the comfort inside the garment by specializing in breathability. Suitable for active activities such as cycling and trail running.



In this video, we will show you Care Instructions for Dermizax™ Products

Dermizax™ is waterproof and breathable, making it ideal for outdoor and active situations. However, the more active you are, the more it may get dirty, and it’s hard to avoid stains when using it for a long time. But Dermizax™ products are easy to take care of. You can wash your clothes whenever it gets dirty or the water repellency drops. So it’s always best to take care of it after each season! By doing so, you can use it comfortably for a long time, and it is environmentally friendly.




Combination of hydrophilic membrane and of hydrophilic membrane achieves the most water resistant WBP of all.




Hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules are randomly combined in the membrane so that hydrophilic molecules with a strong affinity to water transport moisture to the outside.


Microporous structure in the hydrophobic membrane makes moisture run through the membrane inside to outside.



With new technologies, hydrophobic electrospun nanofibrous membrane achieves the highest level of air permeability and moisture permeability.


Garment Type

Textile for Sports


The Dermizax™ New Hybrid Version is a series made for activities which demand high water pressure resistance, such as Marine or Fishing.
This series is one of the most water resistant of all.

NH/New Hybrid

The Dermizax™ New Hybrid Version is a series made for activities which demand high water pressure resistance, such as Marine or Fishing.
In addition, it features not only PFC-free DWR, but also a non-fluorinated film.
This series is one of the most water resistant of all.


The original Japanese waterproof/breathable technology from Toray.
Durable and dependable since 1994.
Soft and stretchable, comfortable best seller range.

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Dermizax™ Microporous version uses the original microporous hydrophobic membrane to deliver direct moisture ventilation with perfect waterproofness, prevent film from swelling, maintaining softness and stretch of Dermizax™.


Soft, Quiet. Premium Dermizax™ with higher breathability.
Luxury handfeel and reliability, for professional use.

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NX/Next Generation

A limited edition of Dermizax™ with our highest level of breathability.
Designed for your extreme activities.
Ultimate confort and durability. Premium range.

HD/High-Durability Microporous

Designed with specially developed durable polyurethane membrane, this version of Dermizax™ delivers direct moisture ventilation with perfect waterproofness with durability against deterioration, maintaining softness and stretch of our Dermizax™.


The Dermizax™ Polyester Version uses a polyester film made from polyester resin.
By combining this film with a polyester face fabric, we can create a product that is fully recyclable, while maintaining the waterproofness, breathability, and the strech of the fabric.


At the Toray Group, we consider sustainability to be the most important global issue of the 21st century. Based on this idea, we developed DermizaxTM Bio-based version.
This version uses about 30-50% bio-based membrane while still maintaining waterproofness, breathability and soft handfeel of Dermizax™.

BZ/Electrospun Nanofibrous

With new technologies, Dermizax™ BZ achieves the highest level of air permeability and moisture permeability of all.
Still keeping softness and stretch, lastest DermizaxTM brings you new possibilities.

EP/Excellent Moisture Permeaboility

This version of Dermizax™ achieve high ventilation and breathability and air permeability.
Perspiration vapour works its way out of the fabric as your heat rises.

HP/High Moisture Permeaboility

Dermizax™ High Moisture Permeability version is well balanced breathable range with good waterproofness with comfortable stretch.
This fabric allow you to take on your next activity in optimal comfort.