HOMETextile for Sportsecodear™

Bio-Based Nylon Fabric


ecodear™ is a fabric derived from plant-based resource.

Our Proposition

Materials can change our lives.

Plant-based Product Solutions

  • There will be no future without solving two problems

  • A new future starts with advanced material

  • New "Carbon Cycle" delivers great synergy

Product Ranges

ecodear™ N610

Partially Bio-based Nylon Fiber

This nylon textile fiber incorporates 60% bio-derived materials and a solvent-free coating that minimizes its environmental impact.

The fiber is exceptionally fine, light, and soft.

The soft equipment category encompasses performance products for tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes, and other items.

ecodear™ N510

100% Plant-based Nylon Fiber

100% plant-based nylon fiber made from Sebacic acid from castor-oil plant and Pentamethylenediamine from corn

Combining with elemental fiber technologies adds more functionsIncluding greater lightness from finer fibers and functionality from using irregular cross sections


Excellent dimensional stability under humid conditions

Similar to nylon fibersHigh melting point and as strong and heat-resistant as nylon 6


Garment Type

Textile for Sports